A web hosting is a virtual space attached with each domain. You can create your website and keep the files on this space. Your other services like emails, payment gateways etc. also runs from these hosting space spread over many servers.

In easier words domain name is the identification of each website on the internet. There are many extensions available to register as per the choice and nature of activity of your organisation, like .com is mostly used by commercial organisation whereas .org is for non profit making organisations. Select and register the domain name of your choice at http://dom.aviweb.in

There are two popular operating systems for web servers Windows and Linux. It depends upon your web development preferences. Both servers are equally good and reliable. It’s just like choosing your car for petrol and diesel fuel variants. Please ask your developer before you buy a hosting if you are not sure.
Payment gateway is essential part for any eCommerce web site. Now a days people prefer digital payment more compare to conventional payment method. Payment Gateway are very secure in operation, you cannot modify its operation between capture of payment from visitor to transfer of payment from payment gateway to merchant bank account.

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